Secure Media Destruction

At Recycle IT 4U we understand the importance of ensuring all of your data-bearing equipment is securely destroyed, that is why we are able to offer a secure media destruction service. We can destroy any of the following items: USB flash drives, data tapes, CDs, VHS tapes, cassette tapes, memory cards, SIM cards, bank cards and floppy disk drives.
Secure Media Destruction Recycle IT 4U

Secure Incineration

To securely destroy your media, we partner with Veolia UK. As a partner of Recycle IT 4U, Veolia accept confidential waste in the form of mixed media – USB flash drives, data tapes, CDs, VHS tapes. They offer the very best in secure incineration.

Your items are delivered to Veolia UK in our 24 security tracked vehicles. All loads are pre-booked and weighed in prior to acceptance. All paperwork is checked and signed off and the waste is then securely destroyed.

The process is covered by a digital CCTV system that allows constant monitoring of the waste flows. All procedures and processes are controlled.

Veolia has a state-of-the-art Energy Recovery Facility (ERF) in which takes 350,000 tonnes of waste  each year and converts it into electricity.

The facility was specifically designed to treat waste that cannot be re-used, recycled or composted and was built with a capacity much lower than the total waste generated in the city. This is to ensure that recycling initiatives are not compromised.

Incinerator Bottom Ash (IBA) is the non-hazardous ash material that is produced from the incineration process. This material is reprocessed by extracting further ferrous and non-ferrous metals and by crushing, tromelling and screening to produce a graded, quality material that is useable as substitute aggregate in such applications as road building. 95% of the IBA produced from Tyseley is recycled in this way.

Certificate of Destruction​

Following your secure media destruction, you will receive a Certificate of Destruction confirming that your items have been securely destroyed by incineration. The Certificate of Destruction is your audit trail to confirm that your company is compliant with all relevant data protection laws.

Not only does Recycle IT 4U have secure data destruction methods, we also hold ISO 27001, this means we are annually audited to ensure our systems and procedures meet the international standards for keeping your IT and data secure.

Local authority trading standards offices have used our incineration procedures for the secure destruction of counterfeit IT equipment such as digital cameras and CDs etc.

So you now want to dispose of some mixed media – how do you arrange this?

Call us on 01952 580814 to discuss your requirements.

We offer a fast, efficient, friendly, secure service using our own unliveried, security tracked vehicles and uniformed staff. All Recycle IT 4U services offered to our customers are fully customisable.

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Book A Collection*

To book a collection simply click the link below and fill in the online form to start the process. We will get in contact with you to confirm your collection date and time.
*Unfortunately due to Environment Agency legislation and collection costs we are only able to accept requests for collections from businesses and not private individuals.

Items We Collect

  • PCs
  • Laptops
  • Netbooks
  • Ipads
  • TFT Monitors
  • Mobile Phones
  • Servers
  • Power Supplies
  • UPSs
  • Batteries
  • Routers
  • Network Attached Storage Units
  • Firewall
  • Switches
  • Components
  • Hard Drives
  • Data Tapes, CDs
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Secure Media Destruction Recycle IT 4U

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