Company security information

Recycle IT 4U is sited on one of Telford’s principal modern business locations
Company Security Information Recycle IT 4U

Our premises​

The site is provided with the following security:

Within the Recycle IT 4U’s warehouse facility, any data-bearing item, including Laptops, loose Hard Disk Drives, tablets, mobile phones, Data tapes, CDs, floppy disks or USB pen stick drives will be kept within a security store. All Hard Disk Drives that the customer has instructed to be shredded will be shredded onsite using the HSM 150 Hard Disk Drive shredder. Hard Disk Drives may also be wiped using WhiteCanyon DataWipe Software, if the customer has instructed us to do so.

Sometimes we receive loose paperwork that a customer may have left in a printer, photocopier or laptop bag, in line with our high-level security, any paperwork found will be shredded using the company’s industrial Fellows Shredder.


24/7 vehicle tracking

To ensure the highest level of security for our vehicles, our fleet are equipped with the latest satellite tracking systems. The software used, Tom Tom WEBFLEET is ISO 27001 certified which means it fulfils the highest industry standard for data security, quality and availability.

All vans are fitted with a GPS for vehicle tracking, and a GSM transmitter to broadcast a vehicle’s location coordinates. Back in the office, the Logistics Manager simply logs on to a secure online application, to monitor each vehicle’s journey. Location data is refreshed every minute, so 24/7, up-to-date information is available.

Each vehicle also has a back-to-base cover with the AA, to ensure that in the unlikely event of a vehicle breakdown, the driver, vehicle and its contents are brought back to our secure warehouse.


Recycle IT 4U Ltd employees have read and signed a variety of policies as part of their induction to the company. These include the, Data Protection Policy, Confidentiality Policy, Van Driving Policy and they have also read and agreed to adhere to the Information Security Management System Policy, which provides strict information on how to handle our customer’s IT equipment that may contain data.

They are all highly IT literate, understanding the importance of the correct disposal of data bearing devices. They understand where and how data is stored within the IT hardware.

All our drivers carry Recycle IT 4U Ltd identification and have been security vetted.

Recycle IT 4U Ltd only use drivers employed by the company and DO NOT at any time use any sub-contract staff for driving or warehouse duties.

Book A Collection*

To book a collection simply click the link below and fill in the online form to start the process. We will get in contact with you to confirm your collection date and time.
*Unfortunately due to Environment Agency legislation and collection costs we are only able to accept requests for collections from businesses and not private individuals.

Items We Collect

  • PCs
  • Laptops
  • Netbooks
  • Ipads
  • TFT Monitors
  • Mobile Phones
  • Servers
  • Power Supplies
  • UPSs
  • Batteries
  • Routers
  • Network Attached Storage Units
  • Firewall
  • Switches
  • Components
  • Hard Drives
  • Data Tapes, CDs
Secure IT Disposal Recycle IT 4U

IT Asset Disposal

Secure Data Destruction Recycle IT 4U

Secure Data Destruction

Secure Data Wiping Recycle IT 4U

Secure Data Wiping

Secure Media Destruction Recycle IT 4U

Secure Media Destruction

Mobile and Tablet Secure Data Destruction Recycle IT 4U

Mobile Secure Data Destruction

Company Security Information Recycle IT 4U

Company Security Information