What makes the best student laptop?

Student Laptop

To the average student, the computer is an essential tool. However it isn’t easy to fit a tower, monitor, mouse and keyboard into a satchel to carry to and from college or university every day. Therefore, many students will opt for a lightweight laptop that will easily fit in their bag. Unfortunately for them, it isn’t easy to find a student laptop that ticks all the boxes for a good price.

Most students will look for something lightweight and reasonably sized, with a good battery life. After all, its primary use will most likely be for searching the internet, and Microsoft Office, so doesn’t have to be a high performance machine. However, there is always the risk of the laptop sustaining damage; if not from the energy drink knocked over on the desk, it will be from the impact of being dropped onto the floor. More expensive laptops are always just as expensive to replace, so the question is, durability or quality?

What to consider…

Battery life

Universities and colleges will usually have a few power sockets free for students to use, for charging devices, and of course, laptops. Though those with longer battery lives are always more useful for a long day, especially if you know you don’t have guaranteed access to power sockets. Some laptops that are available, are capable of surviving in excess of 10 hours from 100% charge.

Screen and sound

It goes without saying that a student will do more than just work on their laptop, using it as a primary source of entertainment. Therefore it’s important to look for a laptop with a good display size of high quality.

10 inch displays are ideal for the hybrid laptops, mainly when in use as a tablet. These are also touch screen, and it can be argued that they are easier to use than the conventional trackpad.

Most people will completely disregard the sound quality in laptops, but most students will have a vast library of music, and be disappointed by terrible “tinny” speakers. Many products on the market boast speakers with a good standard of clarity, though can’t deliver on one key thing for music lovers, that being the bass.

Price and performance

It’s common knowledge that the laptops with higher performance hardware, will have a hefty price tag attached to them. Most students are restricted by small budgets, and confined to the lower end of the market. Despite this, there are many laptops out there that are a very good value for money, performing every task a student will need for a more reasonable price.

If a student requires a high performance machine to perform tasks such as editing, it would be wise to spend a little more on additional RAM, and a faster processor to boost the performance.

Build quality and design

No one would be comfortable lugging around a heavy laptop that puts strain on both shoulders and bag straps. With technology advancing as quickly as it is, laptops are becoming increasingly thinner and lighter. An ideal laptop would fit in any standard messenger bag or rucksack, weighing less than 2kg.

A good choice may be the laptops which also serve as a tablet, this saves you from spending money on both items separately. These hybrids also make it easy to make notes and comfortably read, as well as typing up essays and other important work.


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