The rise of the mobile job search

Mobile phone

It is estimated that around 70% of job seekers use a mobile device when considering their next career move, with a large number of all keyword searches from mobile devices containing the word “job”.

Developing strategies

Understanding mobile recruitment is important when developing a mobile recruitment strategy, and it is also important to understand where traffic comes from. A company will still need to make sure that their website can handle the amount of mobile traffic, whilst remaining responsive. With the interface being both seamless, and simple for a candidate to use.

A candidate can respond to job advertisements and recruiter’s inquiries quicker, and at any time of the day. This reduces the time in the hiring process, and many people know that an overlong recruitment cycle results in a loss of talent from the pipeline.

First impressions count

In order to improve the process of communication, it is crucial that the career site is mobile friendly. First impressions are always important to think about, thus the site should be optimised for mobiles from the second a candidate visits the site, to the point where they navigate away. The site itself should also be simple to navigate and reflect the brand image.

As a whole, the hiring process can be a more positive experience for the candidate, but only if the company website is fully optimised for mobile devices.

Targeted recruitment

Companies are able to identify and target the potential talent in their local area, by using GPS technology. This helps to accelerate the hiring process, as employers can quickly text information on any upcoming vacancies directly to a targeted candidate.

Social media updates, along with regular text messages, will put your brand at the front of the candidate’s mind as they consider their next career move.

LinkedIn is an obvious site to use, though Facebook and Twitter are also very popular. With a large number of mobile users visiting Facebook on their device, and an excess of two million jobs listed on the site.

Being mobile friendly is useful when it comes to boosting the talent pipeline; recruitment is about people and not a substitute for personal contact. A mobile friendly experience for a candidate, will give the impression of your brand as forward thinking. Like many other sectors recruitment has had to move with the times as technology has advanced beyond belief in recent times. But, above all what has resulted is a better, more effective process for both candidate and client alike. Recruiters now have the tools to hand to find better fits for positions and in turn help to keep costs down.

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