Should supermarkets be selling their “wonky veg” in an attempt to reduce food waste?

food waste

Supermarkets and the Government need to do more to tackle food waste and many MPs believe that encouraging supermarkets to sell “Wonky veg” would help with this issue.


Each year around £10bn worth of food is thrown away by UK households. It also seems crazy that people are going hungry and using food banks when so much produce goes to waste. Neil Parish, Environment, Food and Rural Affairs committee chairman said ‘Knobbly carrots and parsnips do not taste or cook any differently from other vegetables and should be saved from supermarket reject bins’, and he certainly raises a valid point.


The MPs said that the Government should set an “ambitious” national reduction target to cut food waste that costs the average person £200 a year. One way to achieve this should be to raise awareness of food waste from a young age. With lessons on food and avoiding waste being incorporated into the curriculum as a possible idea. Another solution will be for the Government to continue with its review on food date labelling, looking at whether there is really a need for best before dates which can be misleading. Also many believe that food businesses and retails over a certain size should separate food waste for collection. Retailers should increase the amount of surplus food they give away to charities instead of putting it in the bin, also food packages could be improved so that more packets can be resealed helping consumers to reduce waste.


Environmentally the amount of food waste in the UK is a disaster because energy and resources are wasted in the production of food only for it to end up in landfill where it produces methane, a gas which is not only potent but also climate-changing too.


So although getting supermarkets to sell their “wonky veg” wont solve the food waste problem, it certainly is a step in the right direction. It seems ridiculous that fruit and veg are thrown away simply because they are an unusual shape.


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