Strange things that can and should be recycled

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So, with all the things you already recycle, there are still other items that end up in the waste that can be recycled. Indeed, much of what you throw away isn’t trash at all but can have an extended life in some other shape or form. Here are a few things that can be recycled that perhaps you weren’t aware of.

  • Trainers – When your training shoes wear out, some manufacturers will grind them into a rubber material that’s used to make running tracks and other athletic surfaces. Of course, if you’ve only walked a mile in that pair of shoes, just donate them to a local shelter or charity store.
  • Wine corks – Out of all of the things you can recycle, this is one of the least obvious – but all those corks can add up to making a big impact on the environment. After your next dinner party, don’t forget to save the wine corks! There are organisations that repurpose them into shoes and other products. Think of it as drinking wine for a good cause.
  • Fluorescent light bulbs – The future of lightbulbs lies in energy-efficient compact fluorescents and LEDs. To keep going green even after the lights go out, it’s important to recycle CFLs, which contain small amounts of mercury (LEDs don’t).
  • Crayons. For a fun project with the kids, melt down broken crayons bits and recast them in cool shapes. If DIY arts projects aren’t your thing there are companies that specialise in recycling crayons.
  • CDs. If you’ve converted all of your music to digital files, those old CDs are probably collecting dust. Clear some space in an environmentally friendly way by sending those CDs, and their cases, for recycling.
  • Water filters – In the US Brita runs a recycling program for its filters. Over here the casing on most filters is a plastic which you can recycle almost anywhere.
  • Keys. There’s a pretty good chance that your junk drawer has a few old keys in it. There are several charities that will recycle the keys and donate the proceeds to a good cause. And, of course, keys are just metal, so most recycling centers that accept mixed metal will take them.
  • Electronic equipment – Electronic equipment like televisions, computers and cell phones contain a myriad of recyclable materials. When it comes to recycling electronic equipment a little more care can be required and that is where Recycle IT 4U can help.

Taking care to dispose of your old computer hardware properly is important both from the viewpoint of the environment and the protection of your data. The components of a computer can include a dangerous mixture of hazardous and toxic chemicals, including lead and mercury. Some of the chemicals may also release dioxins if burned. Ensuring that these elements are kept away from groundwater or from being released into the air is extremely important for the environment.

Using a specialist recycler will ensure that that any hazardous materials and chemicals are removed safely and correctly. Based in Telford, Shropshire, Recycle IT 4U was formed in 2004 to help organisations dispose of electronic equipment in an environmentally friendly manner and in accordance with all relevant legislation. We pride ourselves in refurbishing, reusing and recycling for spares and repairs as much as possible, so equipment can have a second lease of life.

Any equipment not suitable for our refurbishment programme or spares, is separated and then sent in bulk to our Strategic Partner, the world’s largest waste management company for further recycling and separation into glass, metal and plastics and reintroduced into the manufacturing chain as raw materials. We can offer cash rebates on PCs and laptops less than 3 years old, if fully populated with all components and suitable for our refurbishment programme. We can also arrange for the destruction and wiping of unwanted sensitive data. For more information visit our website