Some of the top Christmas gift gadgets

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With Christmas just around the corner here are some of the top Christmas gift gadgets of 2016…


OnePlus Bullets Earphones (V2)

Oneplus have made these excellent yet affordable headphones, at just £15.99 they are believed to be some of the best headphones you can get at that price. They will work with any smartphone with a 3.5mm headphone jack.


Denon Envaya

The Denon Envaya Mini speaker starts from just £99 and blows away any similarly priced Bluetooth speakers. It does a great job filling a room with the sound of clear and crisp audio.


Sony Cybershot HX60

Although most of us carry around a camera on our smartphone sometimes there’s no substitute for a good quality compact camera. This camera boasts a 30x optical zoom that you wont find on any smartphone.


Apple Magic Keyboard

The Apple magic keyboard brings a lower key travel to a desktop Mac keyboard for the first time. Where with other Bluetooth keyboards you’d have to head over to the Bluetooth preferences, search for the keyboard and pair with it, you only need to plug the Magic Keyboard into your Mac to complete the process.


Apple Magic Mouse 2

The Apple Magic Mouse will be a firm favourite with any Mac or Macbook user with its slim, low profile and touch sensitive surface. It also boasts intuitive gesture controls, built in battery and a better design than previous versions.


Apple iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case

This Apple product can make your phone last pretty much two days away from a charger and fits just the regular iPhone 7.


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