Recycled computers aiding students

Recycling computers

Computers, laptops and even tablets can all be used to help teach the curriculum in a school. They help students improve their general computer and software skills, which will be indispensable to them after they graduate. Computers are also particularly important in generating interest in the STEM subjects; Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths. They work in boosting the student’s confidence, independence and higher level thinking skills, all of which are essential in their development.

The picture above features an original version of an Apple computer, possibly beyond use for today’s students!

Making IT accessible and affordable

If you happen to be an IT executive or manager, you may assume that students today have access to computers almost all hours of the day, and that there are teachers who can teach the necessary skills to prepare these students for the workforce. However, a number of schools don’t have the funds to purchase and support a computer for every student in every class. They also lack the funds, and teachers to support the curriculum giving students the kind of technology skills they need.

Equipment that has been refurbished plays a significant role in acquiring affordable technology such as computers, tablets and laptops for every student. Refurbished equipment is especially appealing to schools, as they can get two, sometimes even three computers for the cost of one new computer. If the equipment is bought from an experienced vendor, and is also backed by a warranty and support service, the school can save money on the purchase and reduce the cost of support.

Bridging the skills gap

As well as schools lacking the technology, a number of children aren’t fortunate enough to have access to computers or the internet at home. This puts them behind other, better-off children in the school. There are different programs which aim to combat issues such as this, with one program focusing on helping foster families afford refurbished laptops for the children. With their overall goal being to ensure all students have access to a computer at home.

There is another program, which partners with companies, to make broadband internet service affordable for lower income families. Including the opportunity to purchase a refurbished laptop or computer, and a cheap internet service.

Even in a school where more computers are available, there can be a gap in the availability of trained teachers and curriculum to utilise that technology. This is especially true in schools with a high number of low income students. By using computers in the classroom, younger students will learn basic computer skills and older students will use the technology to explore their interests.

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