Protecting your electrical goods this Christmas

empty office

When you close the door to your commercial premises at night and weekends, what assurance do you have that vandals, thieves or even travellers are not descending on your property in your absence?

With Christmas being a notorious time for crime, and electrical goods and hardware often being the target, we look at various situations that can occur to your property, as well as ways to prevent them from happening this Christmas;

Robbery and vandalism opportunities

If your property houses expensive electrical goods, sensitive data or even cash on the premises, you are a target for thieves. Alarms and CCTV are a precaution that should always be taken, however with police cuts across the county becoming the norm, how effective is an alarm when the arrival of the police is delayed due to a shortage of staff?
Vandalism comes in many forms, from shattered windows and spray paint covering your brickwork, right up to the more serious arson attacks. Not only are these situations a violation, but they create a great deal of work and stress, not to mention the expense of soaring insurance premiums.

Gypsies and Travellers

When it comes to Gypsies and Travellers, preventing them descending on your land is by far an easier option than trying to remove them once they have arrived. This is because if the land is privately owned, it’s not the local authority’s responsibility to remove them, it’s actually the landowner’s. In limited circumstances, the police may be able to assist in moving gypsies and travellers on from a site using their legislative powers. However, since occupying private land is not a criminal offence, they can generally only advise landowners to take legal action instead which can be costly and long winded.

The best option available is to ask your unwanted guests nicely to leave, but if they refuse, you will find yourself with an expensive, long and drawn out legal battle on your hands.

How then can I protect my property?

So how can you avoid the headache, heartache, expense and sometimes danger that results from these damaging situations?

The answer is to not only to have in place the right security for your individual property needs, but to ensure that your chosen level of security is well maintained. So be sure to keep all alarms and CCTV cameras regularly serviced. However whilst alarms and CCTV cameras are clearly a deterrent, alarms can be disabled, and CCTV will only show you what has occurred after the event. Therefore, if you keep expensive electronic goods, sensitive data, or even a high quantity of cash on the premises, extra precaution may be required in the form of employing the services of a security company to watch over your property when there is no one else there to prevent these situations happening in the first place.

If you do decide that this option would benefit your business, be sure to do your homework on your chosen company – anyone can don a suite and ear piece and claim to be security, so look for a company with a wealth of training, experience and knowledge in providing solutions to protect premises against unauthorised access, damage, theft or unwanted occupants.

By taking these precautions, you will make your business highly unattractive to every sort of unwanted visitor, which in turn will save you work, stress and money on putting right the damage that has been caused.