Plastic bottle deposit return scheme

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It is believed that a plastic bottle deposit return scheme could save some councils in England up to £35 million. This would be done through reduced littering and landfill charges, also having less recycling bins to collect.

Campaigners believe it would reduce litter and help tackle plastic pollution. However some councils believe it could cause them to lose money as people would use the scheme rather than recycle through their local authority.

Plastic bottles are a huge contributor to over 8 million tonnes of plastic that enters the oceans every year. Millions of bottles are made every minute and the rate is rising quickly.

Many nations already have a deposit refund scheme in place, where a small deposit is paid when purchasing a bottle, this is then returned when the bottle is brought back. In countries such as Germany and Denmark, more than 90% of bottles are returned. In England only 57% of bottles are currently recycled.

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