One person’s trash….

It’s a famous old saying, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. But if you’ve got the trash how do you go about finding the person who will regard it as treasure? Many areas now have freegle services or you could just post on social media if you have something that you think might mean something to someone else. Very often an item may reach the end of its useful life with you but is still in good enough condition to be loved elsewhere. In those instances it’s a shame to simply discard it.

From the recycling mantra, Reduce Reuse Recycle, the reuse element can be applied in different ways for different items. Maybe you’ll look to purchase items that can be used repeatedly, or perhaps you’ll purchase pre-loved items if brand new isn’t absolutely necessary. When you have an item that you don’t need anymore, there are three questions to ask yourself before you simply discard it:

  • Can the item still fulfill its original purpose?
  • Does it have an alternative use?
  • Could someone else feasibly make use of it?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes then the item still has a value, maybe not a monetary one, but a value none the less. The lives of items can sometimes be extended through simple repairs or modifications. Depending on the item there might also be a value in making it available for hire, particularly if it is an item that someone might use occasionally perhaps in the garden or for car maintenance.

There are a number of strategies that you can employ when looking to reuse an old item. Donate, re-sell, fix, maintain, borrow and share are all good watchwords when recycling responsibly. Some very general reuse ideas might include:

  • Check with your local library to see if they accept book donations or if they hold used book sales.
  • Many schools now have recycling bins from which they make profits
  • Donate clothing, household goods and possibly furniture to charitable organisations.
  • Check with women’s and homeless shelters to see if they accept used work clothes for clients going on job interviews.
  • Shelters are always grateful of warm clothing to distribute in the winter. Hats, scarfs, coats and gloves are always very welcome.
  • Have your favorite pair of shoes re-soled or have the heels fixed.
  • Sew or patch your clothes or make something new from them.
  • Cut off your jeans and make a pair of shorts
  • Rent tools from your local hardware store or borrow them from neighbours.
  • Check out second hand stores for used goods if you don’t need to buy new.
  • Sell items online at sites like eBay
  • Hold a garage or yard sale to get rid of your used goods and earn some money. You could also visit a car boot sale if you can get up early enough!
  • Donate your items to charity shops and stores that sell your goods to make money for good causes.

We all need to take responsibility to recycle more and manage the amount of refuse we create. There ever increasing ways being developed to assist in the quest to reduce, reuse and recycle.

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