A phone screen protector that can heal itself…

Most peoples phone screens are covered in scratches and chips, with the majority of cases and screen protectors designed

Six ways to help with sporting waste…

Sporting waste can be a huge problem, particularly in a year with so many massive sporting events including Euro

Has the plastic bag charge made a difference?

It has now been 9 months since the introduction of the 5p charge for single use plastic bags. But

New restaurant that serves food created via 3D printing.

A new pop up restaurant in London, called Food Ink, is serving only 3D printed food to its customers.

Where do many of our electronic goods go when not disposed of correctly?

Many of our electronic goods end up in a vast dumpsite in the west of Ghana’s capital Accra. There

Could paper coffee cups now be turned into durable resin?

Out of an estimated 3 billion paper coffee cups used every single year in the UK less than 0.25

The gadget that can track your personal carbon footprint.

The WorldBeing wristband is a new wearable concept, which is set to be a huge leap forward in being

Apple recovers one tonne of gold by recycling their old iPhones.

By stripping down and recycling old iPhones, iPads and Macbooks, Apple have recovered huge quantities of gold. They revealed

How 3D printing could help provide relief in disaster areas.

The assistance of 3D printing in disaster zones is expected to rise, from emergency shelters to life jackets. 3D

How long does it take for litter to decompose?

Anti litter campaigners in the Forest Dean have realised that litter can stick around a lot longer than just

Are you addicted to technology?

We increasingly are relying on various forms of technology such as smartphones and tablets to help us make everyday

Could virtual reality soon be a part of children’s bedtimes?

Last month we looked at how virtual reality could transform children’s play. Now Samsung believe virtual reality could be

Is England’s waste on the rise?

The average household in England produces 558kg of residual waste each year, which has risen from 551kg in 2012-13.

Could polyurethanes be replaced with recyclable sugar-derived foam?

Scientists have been working on a new recyclable sugar-derived foam that could transform the currently difficult to recycle polyurethane

Could augmented reality transform outdoor play for children?

It’s been reported that three quarters of UK children spend less time outside than prison inmates do, however some

World’s first Virtual Reality rollercoaster

Alton Towers have opened the world’s first fully synced Virtual Reality rollercoaster. The rollercoaster, named ‘Galactica” uses motion sensors

Discovery of a new bug that can break down plastics

It is reported that in just 30 years times the amount of plastic waste in the ocean will outweigh

Top gadgets at the Mobile World Congress.

The Mobile World Congress is the worlds biggest trade fair of its kind and where top wireless gadgets become

New developments in the creation of a bendable smartphone.

Many companies have experimented with the idea of bendable or foldable smartphones for a number of years. However due

Epson create office machine that recycles waste paper into new paper

Epson have developed a new office machine that can recycle waste paper into new paper, believed to be a

How safe are our online passwords?

The majority of us will use a password online every single day. Whether it is for logging into emails,

The growth of assistive technology (AT)

Assistive technology (AT) is a term attached to any item or device that helps someone to do something that

How social media can cost you your job

Social media misconduct comes in many guises; from employees expressing views that reflect negatively on the organisation for which

The rise of the mobile job search

It is estimated that around 70% of job seekers use a mobile device when considering their next career move,