Eco Living

Eco-living shouldn’t cost a fortune

Eco-living is a lifestyle that should be available to all rather than the small few who can afford it. Whilst it's encouraging to see products that are better for the environment and that reduce the…

Waste Free

6 gadgets that allow waste free living

Living a waste free life for most of us would be seen as fairly impossible. Unfortunately we are known as a society for being wasteful from plastic packaging to e-waste. However a group of designers…

recycle water

12 ways we can recycle water

80% of the worlds water waste flows untreated into the environment, here are 12 ways we can help to recycle water... 1. Highlight success stories. The main message should be that proper recycling of water…

recycling robots

Recycling robots

Recycling robots are believed to be able to boost the recycling rate and reduce the UKs decline.   The team of recycling robots scan objects on a recycling line, sorting wood from concrete at a…

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