How to reuse your old technology…

Most of us have some form of old technology lying about at home whether that be a phone. laptop

How unwanted clothes often end up in landfill

The majority of Britain’s unwanted clothes end up in landfills rather than being recycled and its believed 235 million

How can the amount of airline waste be reduced?

Few people are fully aware of the amount of airline waste created. Airline passengers created 5,2 million tonnes of

12 ways we can recycle water

80% of the worlds water waste flows untreated into the environment, here are 12 ways we can help to

Recycling robots

Recycling robots are believed to be able to boost the recycling rate and reduce the UKs decline.   The

How can we recycle more plastic packaging ?

We currently recycle just 14% of the plastic packaging that we use, 8 million tons of plastic ends up

20 best ever selling mobile phones

A list of the top 20 best selling mobile phones: 20. Last on the list is the Samsung Galaxy S

Sweden has run out of rubbish to recycle

Sweden’s recycling is so revolutionary that they have actually run out of rubbish to recycle. For several years the

Could there now be a plastic bottle tax?

The government are now considering introducing a plastic bottle tax in order to try and tackle the quantity of

How to recycle your Christmas tree

Many local councils plus the retailer B&Q are issuing guidelines on how best to recycle your Christmas tree whether

Christmas Waste

The amount of Christmas waste we produce each year is on the increase, whether it be the 300,000 tonnes

Some of the top Christmas gift gadgets

With Christmas just around the corner here are some of the top Christmas gift gadgets of 2016…   OnePlus

New recycling scheme for takeaway coffee cups

The UKs largest coffee chain is starting a new recycling scheme for takeaway coffee cups.   Costa coffee is

Only a third of plastic packaging is being recycled

Only a third of plastic packaging used in consumer products is recycled each year a survey by Recoup has

Trainers created from ocean waste

Adidas have created a shoe made of recycled plastic from ocean waste, to do this they have teamed up

Update on the takeaway coffee cup

A few weeks ago we looked at the possibility of a tax on takeaway coffee cups after the success

New WEEE fee proposals…

The department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) have published two new proposals which detail a compliance fee

Takeaway coffee cups could each take 30 years to breakdown.

Campaigners are calling for a more eco-friendly alternative to the current takeaway coffee cups and a tax on paper

Sky introduces a new VR app

Sky has introduced a new VR app, which will allow the viewer to enjoy the experience of watching live

Should we all be banning plastic cups, plates and cutlery?

France has recently passed a law, which will see the banning of the use of plastic plates, cups and

Could bins now only be collected once every 4 weeks?

  Trials are currently taking place in which bins are only to be collected once every 4 weeks in

The smart ice cube that can order your drink

The Martini smart ice cube is a new concept design which can sense when you finish your drink and

Plastic microbeads are to be banned by 2017

The government has pledged that plastic microbeads used in various cosmetics will be banned by 2017 in order to

Rejected recycling waste is on the increase

The amount of household waste that is being rejected from being recycled has increased by over 84% since 2011.