The Japanese town that has nearly zero waste

Here in the UK our recycling consists of separating paper from plastics, glass from metals and in some places

Could plastics made from plants be the answer

Plastics are used as a material through out our daily lives and can be extremely useful. However governments across

Inventive recycling ideas

The amount of waste we produce each year is steadily increasing with predictions that the worlds cities will produce

Clothes made from recycled materials

London Fashion Week has featured two designers, Vin and Omi,  who say their clothes are made from plastic bottles and

4 ways to help with the plastic pollution crisis

In order to help with the current plastic pollution crisis, which is occurring world wide, we can no longer

Christmas Waste

It was expected that the people of Britain would bin the equivalent of 108 million rolls of wrapping paper,

How to reduce your plastic use

Carry a reusable bottle Over 35 million plastic bottles are used here each year. Using a reusable bottle cuts

Single use plastic charges

As part of the Autumn budget yesterday, Chancellor Philip Hammond has announce plans to investigate how charges on single

China ban imported foreign waste

China have announced plans to ban imports of 24 grades of rubbish, reducing the tonnes of world’s waste it

Are plastic packaging alternatives doing more harm than good

Some believe that the alternatives to plastic packaging could be causing more harm than good. The race is on

Plastic bottle deposit return scheme

It is believed that a plastic bottle deposit return scheme could save some councils in England up to £35

Supermarkets need to stop using plastic packaging

The former boss of Asda, Andy Clarke is calling for all supermarkets to stop using plastic packaging in favour

EU have plans to save our oceans

The European Union have big plans in order to save our oceans including reducing plastic pollution, extending protected areas

Coca Cola to increase the amount of recycled plastic in their bottles

After looking at Coca Cola’s new recycling advert campaign on our last blog the company have now stated that

Coca Cola’s advert campaign to promote recycling

Coca cola has launched a multimillion pound campaign with the aim to encourage more people to recycle their bottles

Scotland plans deposit return scheme for bottles and cans

Based on a Scandinavia scheme, Scotland plans a deposit return scheme for bottles and cans, customers would pay a

What to expect from Apple’s iPhone 8

The iPhone has refined the mobile phone industry and made Apple the most valuable company in the world. On the

Should supermarkets be selling their “wonky veg” in an attempt to reduce food waste?

Supermarkets and the Government need to do more to tackle food waste and many MPs believe that encouraging supermarkets

What will happen to electric car batteries when they run out?

Following on from our previous blog on batteries, the questions has to be raised that with the increased push

Company to raise awareness of the safety of batteries

The Charge Up Safety campaign has been launched by an Organisation called Call2Recycle Inc, this campaign aims to raise awareness

Could billions of plastic sachets be prevented from entering the ocean?

The Company Unilever are developing a technology that could prevent billions of plastic sachets from entering our oceans. This

Eco-living shouldn’t cost a fortune

Eco-living is a lifestyle that should be available to all rather than the small few who can afford it.

6 gadgets that allow waste free living

Living a waste free life for most of us would be seen as fairly impossible. Unfortunately we are known

Apple aims to make an iPhone from recycled material

  Apple have pledged to make an iPhone entirely from recycled material which will have zero environmental impact.