The war on plastics

Sir David Attenborough’s “Blue Planet” television series and Wildlife Biologists Liz Bonnin’s “Drowning in Plastic” documentary highlight the dramatic

We are working safely around Coronavirus

We have been closely monitoring the governments advice regarding the operation of businesses and the health and safety guidelines

Adidas create recyclable running trainers

Adidas have revealed the Futurecraft Loop trainer which is its first running trainer that is entirely recyclable. The trainer

10 of the best recycling bins…

We all have a responsibility to recycle, here are some bins available which can make this job easier.  

‘Biodegradable’ plastic bags still usable after 3 years

Five plastic bag materials from UK shops were tested to see what happened if they were left out in

6 beauty brands doing their bit to cut plastic waste.

Many skin care and beauty brands produce a lot of packaging, most of which currently cannot be recycled. However

The zero waste challenge

Fifty families in Bristol have been set the challenge to see if they can go waste-free for a year

Walkers crisp packet recycling scheme

Walkers crisp company have revealed that they have recycled half a million empty crisp packets in the past 3

Government to ban use of fossil fuels in houses built after 2025

Chancellor Phillip Hammond has revealed that all homes build from 2025 will be heated without the use of fossil

Government are urged not to limit bottle return scheme

The government are being urged not to limit plans to give people money back for recycling plastic and glass

Tokyo 2020 Olympic medals to be made from e-waste

It’s believed that all the medals at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics will be made from recycled e-waste.

The worlds helium could run out within a decade

The worlds helium could run out within a decade unless more of the gas is recycled. Helium cannot be

Businesses may have to pay to recycle own waste

A new government strategy means that businesses in England may have to pay for recycling or disposing of their

Recycling your Christmas tree…

Its estimated that 100,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas is produced when old Christmas trees are sent to landfill, however

Bubble blowing bins as a recycling incentive

Leeds are offering new incentives to encourage people to recycle including bins that blow bubbles and machines that offer

Walkers new recycling plan…

Walkers have started a new recycling scheme in order to stop millions of empty crisp packets ending up in

Recycled plastic could supply over half the UKs demand

It’s believed that recycled plastic could supply nearly three quarters of the demand needed by the UK for products and

Pressure for Walkers to make their packets recyclable

Walkers have come under pressure to make their crisp packets recyclable. 7,000 non-recyclable crisp packets are produced by the

Labour MP raises awareness of importance of electrical recycling

Barry Sheerman, the Labour MP for Huddersfield has visited a local recycling center in his constituency, Huddersfield. Mr Sheerman

Should the government provide incentives for recycling?

Should the government be providing incentives to encourage people to recycle? Mark Maslin, a leading geologist and professor of

McDonalds to switch to paper straws

McDonald’s, the famous fast-food chain have said that their use of plastic straws in Britain will go by 2019 after nearly

Tesco to remove some best before dates to reduce food waste

Tesco have revealed that they have plans to remove the best before dates from nearly 70 fruit and vegetable

‘Infinitely’ recyclable plastic

Although plastics feature in all our daily lives and are incredibly useful, their impact on the environment has become

10 ways to become a better recycler

Here are some ways to help you become better at recycling. 1. If its plastic and bottle-shaped, recycle it