Living sustainably


Whether you enter into the idea of living sustainably full on, or you gradually make changes in your life that move in this direction, the choices people make can have a great impact on the planet. Not all of the techniques and strategies aligned to sustainable living work for everyone, so it is important to find what suits you and work in your environment.

There’s no mythical secret in terms of living sustainably, indeed it’s actually pretty easy to begin on the path and is largely about simplifying your lifestyle, being conscious of the impact of your actions based on lifestyle choices.

Small steps are the best way to facilitate greater change and the tips below offer simple ways to begin the process –

  • Cut down on junk mail – Not always as easy as it sounds but if you can cut down on the pointless mail that comes through your door, you’ll be doing something to help reduce the number of trees felled to create the literature.
  • Do as much as you can electronically – Most service providers offer a paperless service these days. It helps with reducing the amount of paper used and can often save you a few quid on your transactions too!
  • Turn off electronic devices – Leaving your computer or TV switched on can use a lot of electricity. Even when a piece of equipment isn’t being used, it’s still being powered. Get into the habit of switching things off when they’re not being used.
  • Cut down on disposable packaging – Use your own re-usable bags when you go shopping, have a travel mug for when you buy a coffee and try to cut down on the materials you recycle. Every positive change you make will make a difference.
  • Reduce time in the shower – Even reducing your time taken in shower by a couple of minutes can make a vast difference to the amount of water you use. Better still, take a shower in the dark and reduce electricity whilst you’re at it too!
  • Collect water – Collect rainwater outside your home for use on your garden or for your houseplants. You could also place a bucket in the cubicle while you shower too, to use for the same purpose!
  • Be proactive regarding recycling – Take every opportunity to recycle whatever you can. Check what your local authority will collect and do everything you can to comply. Most will take the likes of glass, plastic, paper and cardboard and there may be other local recycling centres which will take the rest.
  • Leave the car at home – It’s all too easy to simply jump in the car at every opportunity, even for the shortest of journeys. As well as lowering your carbon footprint, you might even gain a little fitness too!

Being aware of the effect we have on our environment becomes more important as each year passes by. Changing the way we live can really make a difference and if enough people are committed to doing the same, the benefits will be huge. The knock on effect can be quite enjoyable and fulfilling too. Feeling connected to the earth and our surroundings can be rewarding and empowering.

RecycleIT4U offer a fast, efficient and friendly service to help recycle your unwanted electrical goods with a simple automated collection system.
To book a collection you can either use our online form or you can speak to us direct during our normal office hours. Our collection booking telephone number is 01952 580814.

We will collect redundant PCs, laptops, monitors, servers, network products, printers, EPOS, Scanners, UPS, cabling, AV equipment, projectors, telephones, mobiles and fax machines using our own vehicles at an agreed date and time.

An official WEEE disposal certificate will be issued, quoting serial number, asset tag and 
description of all the items collected.

Hazardous waste notes will be issued for redundant equipment such as monitors and batteries that contain hazardous materials.

We can also ensure secure data destruction. The security of unwanted data held on file by way of magnetic media, computer hard drives, 
backup tapes, CD’s or floppy drives is controlled by the Data Protection Act 1998. All data bearing devices are dealt with by Recycle IT 4U in one of two ways:-

▪              Physical shredding

▪              Electronic wiping of DATA (only applicable if approved by you the customer)

Data held on hard drives is removed or eradicated using approved software and hardware in accordance with internationally recognised standards.

We also pride ourselves in refurbishing, reusing and recycling for spares and repairs as much as possible, so equipment can have a second lease of life.

Any equipment not suitable for our refurbishment programme or spares, is separated and then sent in bulk to our Strategic Partner, the world’s largest waste management company for further recycling and separation into glass, metal and plastics and reintroduced into the manufacturing chain as raw materials.