Key points about mobile data erasure


For a lot of people, especially workers, tablets are replacing their computer, laptop or other devices as their primary mobile work device. Data Security Managers and IT Asset Managers, focus on keeping an eye on all of these devices whilst in use whilst making sure that they can store and access data, and corporate applications securely. With many companies likely to be regularly upgrading and replacing their devices to newer versions, a list of both new and old issues of disposition are raised.


The concerns people have with disposing of tablets and other such mobile devices, are not so different from disposing of other devices such as laptops. These include having accurate records of disposal, environmental compliance, and data security which are auditable, as well as getting the best return on investment. Though tablets do create a few new risks that need to be looked at, mainly for security, they use SSD (Solid State Drive) technology. And, the storage capability of drives in mobile devices continues to grow.

A number of Mobile Device Management (MDM) tools are able to erase and wipe data from a device, though only if they are connected to a network. This begs the question, if the device is moved into storage and disconnected, can you be sure everything has been completely erased?

Ensure data is erased

Some IT technicians will connect and re-flash Apple phones and tablets running iOS, in order to completely wipe the drive and memory. The only risk is that, if the technicians at your disposal are busy, they may be unable to ensure that each and every tablet is re-flashed successfully. They also might not always have an auditable trail of paper to document the process.

In the absence of a strong process in place to make sure tablets; running iOS, Android, or Windows 8, are all erased and documented, your business could possibly be at risk of an audit penalty or data breach.

There are three things to confirm in the disposition of tablets:

  • The disposition of the tablet meets the same corporate requirements as any and all other data bearing devices for data erasure.
  • The process ensures compliance and auditable records to comply with regulations such as SOX, PCL, and HIPPA/HITECH.
  • Any devices or accessories that can’t be remarketed or redeployed are disposed in compliance with all environmental regulations.

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