How social media can cost you your job

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Social media misconduct comes in many guises; from employees expressing views that reflect negatively on the organisation for which they work, right through to disparaging comments posted on public websites about colleagues, employers and even customers. What employees don’t always appear to understand however, is that these negative comments can reach far wider than their own circle of friends, and in some cases will cause them to lose their job.

Here are just a few examples of how to get fired through the misuse of social media;

Referring to the elderly as ‘coffin-dodgers’

A member of Scotland’s labour party was removed from his position after tweeting a number of outrageous messages in which he referred to the elderly as ‘coffin dodgers’. And just to put the final nail in his own coffin, he then went on to insult David Cameron, Commons Speaker John Bercow, and Labour MP Diane Abbott. He also referred to train commuters as chavs, and made jokes about slavery.  Funnily enough, he is no longer a member of Scotland’s labour party!

Implying your company’s health and safety is inept

13 Virgin Airlines crew members flew the nest after criticising the company’s safety measures. They managed to divulge the number of times engines were replaced, as well as hinting that the cabins were infested with cockroaches.

Insulting a princess

A Buckingham Palace Guardsman used Facebook to vent his anger and annoyance towards Kate Middleton after she failed to wave to him when she and William passed by in their car. He was rather colourful with his language and the whole episode saw him sent to the tower – well relieved of his duties at least!

Boasting about your ‘time wasting’ qualities

One not overly bright employee compared herself on Facebook to a very expensive paperweight. She then went on to boast that she was highly competent in the art of time wastage, blame-shifting, and stationary theft.  Lets hope there is a call for light fingered expensive paperweights as her current employment soon expired!

Stealing someones thunder

An extra on the popular show Glee, tweeted a show spoiler in an upcoming episode. The shows producer saw the tweet and included in his response the following words: Hope you’re qualified to do something besides work in entertainment.” Oops, Steven Spielberg will never call now.

Calling a colleague a brown-nose

Former employee wrote a delightful status about how she wanted to hit her colleague before the end of her shift! Despite the girls Facebook page being set to private, a friend notified her boss about the status and she was fired for cyber bullying and breaching company internet policy.

Complaining to the world that your job is dull

It didn’t bode well for one employee who complained on Facebook how dull her first day at work was. Needless to say, she didn’t make it to day 2!

People, it is called ‘social media’ for a reason, the clue really is in the name. So before you post that negative work related status, remember that a simple rant may earn you more than a few dozen ‘Likes’ on your page. It may well earn you those devastating words ‘Your Fired!’

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