How many devices do employees use for work?

Multiple devices

The prevalence of both public and private Wi-Fi, whether it is secure or not, allows people to work from anywhere at any time they wish on a number of different devices. This can easily be observed by simply walking into the nearest Costa or Starbucks coffee shop, then looking around that the amount of people there are using a laptop or tablet, or maybe even both, as well as having a smartphone out on the table.

Telecommunication is on the rise

In today’s society, staying connected to the workplace is easier than ever before. With a number of businesses allowing Bring Your Own Device (BOYD) or Choose Your Own Device (COYD), in some places both are available. This in addition to the introduction of new enterprise applications, has increased the amount of telecommuting or remote workers. Giving both workers and employers more flexibility. That flexibility may mean that some people will be using up to three, or possibly even four different devices for work related activities.

For example, a worker could be using their personal laptop or computer at home, as well as the company issued laptop or computer. They may also be using their smartphone for more than phone calls alone, but as a way of conducting business whilst at home or out and about. A unified communication system allows workers to both make and take calls from anywhere, from any device, using the work number. All this means that workers are no longer theoretically tied to a desk.

The challenges of having multiple devices

The increased amount of flexibility also creates challenges for ITAM (IT Asset Management) and security. IT asset managers would be required to keep track of a large number of devices, and keep up to date with the software licenses for every single one. The IT security must make sure that all the data stored on each of the devices is secure, and that the network and application access is also secure. So despite the obvious advantages brought about by using multiple mobile devices, this does in the bigger picture appear to be more work.

The life span of each device must also be taken into consideration, as the more devices that are used by each individual employee, disregarding the benefits, the more difficult it will be to manage them all. For instance; if a device is owned by an employee, how can the employer make sure that all of the corporate access, application and data have been completely removed from it? Or if a mobile device is owned by the company, how can the employer make sure that it is returned to the company both securely and in a good condition?

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