Epson create office machine that recycles waste paper into new paper

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Epson have developed a new office machine that can recycle waste paper into new paper, believed to be a world first. Paperlab shreds and securely destroys waste paper and recycles it into new paper using a dry process in as little as 3 minutes.


Currently, in order to dispose of confidential documents, most companies hire a contractor or do it themselves. This waste paper is then transferred to a paper making recycling factory where it is made into new paper. The new paper is transported to the sellers and then onto the companies.

Paperlab enables the companies to create an energy efficient product onsite reducing not only cost and time but also the company’s carbon footprint with CO2 admissions being lowered due to less transportation. The very fact that it is a dry process is also important as with current methods up to a cup of water is used to produce every single A4 sheet of paper.


The Paperlab is able to transform waste paper into new in as little as 3 minutes producing around 12 sheets of new paper every minute. The user can also choose between A3 or A4, various thicknesses, the colour of the new paper and also even whether it is scented.


To do this the Paperlab uses 3 processes:


Waste Paper  ——-   Fiberizing   ——-   Binding   ——-   Forming   ——-   New Paper




This involves turning the waste paper into long thin cotton fibres, which completely destroys the document and the information it contained.



A variety of different bindings can be added in order to provide a number of different options in terms of paper strength, paper whiteness, colour, scent, flame resistance etc.



This is where the user decides on the form of the new paper including the size for example A3, A4, business cards and also controls the density and thickness.



Epson is currently putting Paperlab into commercial production in Japan with other regions being decided at a later date.



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