Electronics are here to stay!

computer inside

There is a trend in advancement of new electronics, but more so the integration of electronics into things that didn’t have them before. There are a variety of wearable devices among the state of the art tablets, computers and laptops. Featured technology of recent months has included drones, more drones, and also other items such as baby bottles which monitor levels of liquid to aid with correct feeding, along with the absurd sounding Wi-Fi coffee machine.

IT in the workplace

Amidst all the noise surrounding announcements of new technologies, there has been little discussion concerning the environmental impact, and the recycling and disposal of items which have had technological aspects added to them. This isn’t an issue solely for the consumer, as the past has shown us that a number of these devices may find their way into the workplace, and go on to become a part of the daily business process.

A question that should be asked, though doesn’t seem to be given much thought, is are the manufacturers designing the gadgets in a way that electronic parts can be easily removed for upgrading or recycling? Along with wondering if the manufacturers put a considerable amount of thought into it, and if the whole device itself is easy to recycle. Even with the recycling programs, laws, and recycling centres a large amount of people don’t recycle items such as laptops, monitors, computers or mobile and smartphones.

Duty of care

Under the environment act if electronics become used for work, once they become surplus to requirements or defunct,  a company has a DUTY of CARE to take all reasonable measures to:-

  • Prevent the unauthorised or harmful disposal of waste by another person.
  • Prevent the escape of the waste from your or any other person`s control.
  • Ensure the transfer of waste, is only to an authorised person or to a person for authorised transport purpose.

They must ensure the proper and safe disposal of waste even after they may have passed it on to another party such as a waste contractor, scrap merchant, recycler, local council or skip hire company. The Duty of Care has no time limit, and extends until the waste has either been disposed of or fully recovered.

By fitting every day or household items with electronic capabilities, the item is suddenly made more difficult to recycle. In days gone by, as simple item such as a watch had parts which could be recycled relatively easily. Though implementing technology into that watch makes it as easily recyclable as the latest smartphone.

The best way to ensure that you are complying with all necessary legislation regarding electronics is to make use of a third party, professional firm to dispose of hardware and data safely and legally.

RecycleIT4U offer a fast, efficient and friendly service to help recycle your unwanted electrical goods with a simple automated collection system.
To book a collection you can either use our online form or you can speak to us direct during our normal office hours. Our collection booking telephone number is 01952 580814.

We will collect redundant PCs, laptops, monitors, servers, network products, printers, EPOS, Scanners, UPS, cabling, AV equipment, projectors, telephones, mobiles and fax machines using our own vehicles at an agreed date and time.

An official WEEE disposal certificate will be issued, quoting serial number, asset tag and 
description of all the items collected.

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