Disposing of your old IT safely

With the constant upgrading of equipment, whether phones, laptops, tablets or any other kind of digital gadget, there are a lot of obsolete or simply out of date bits of kit out there. But, how do you go about disposing of them?

The last thing you should is throw them straight into the bin.  The lead, mercury and other toxic materials in electronics can leak from landfills, threatening groundwater supplies. So what are the options? Here are a few ideas –

  • Re-gift them – Not everyone needs to be at the cutting edge of technology so if the gadget still works why not hand it on. It’s certainly a good way to introduce a younger member of the family to their first device or offer a lifeline to someone a little older.
  • Donate them – There are plenty of charities out there who can make use of your old mobile or laptop. The key here is to make sure you’ve wiped all the data from it first though, a task that can often prove to be easier said than done.
  • Sell them – There are a number of organisations that will offer you a cash price for your old device and of course there’s good old eBay. Again, it’s important to make sure that the memory is wiped clean and you’re happy that your bit of kit is still fit for purpose.
  • Recycle it – On the face of it this is quite a tricky option. There are still far too many old phones, TVs and computers are shipped overseas to countries like China, India or Ghana, where the very poor do the dangerous—and unprotected—work of dismantling electronics to get at valuable trace metals. But this is where RecycleIT4U can help.

We offer a fast, efficient and friendly service with a simple automated collection system.
To book a collection you can either use our online form or you can speak to us direct during our 
normal office hours. Our collection booking telephone number is 01952 580814.

We will collect redundant PCs, laptops, monitors, servers, network products, printers, EPOS, Scanners, UPS, cabling, AV equipment, projectors, telephones, mobiles and 
fax machines using our own vehicles at an agreed date and time.

An official WEEE disposal certificate will be issued, quoting serial number, asset tag and 
description of all the items collected.

Hazardous waste notes will be issued for redundant equipment such as monitors and batteries that contain hazardous materials.

We can also ensure secure data destruction. The security of unwanted data held on file by way of magnetic media, computer hard drives, 
backup tapes, CD’s or floppy drives is controlled by the Data Protection Act 1998. All data bearing devices are dealt with by Recycle IT 4U in one of two ways:-

  • Physical shredding
  • Electronic wiping of DATA (only applicable if approved by you the customer)

Data held on hard drives is removed or eradicated using approved software and hardware in accordance with internationally recognised standards.

We also pride ourselves in refurbishing, reusing and recycling for spares and repairs as much as possible, so equipment can have a second lease of life.

Any equipment not suitable for our refurbishment programme or spares, is separated and then sent in bulk to our Strategic Partner, the world’s largest waste management company for further recycling and separation into glass, metal and plastics and reintroduced into the manufacturing chain as raw materials.