Dealing with the e-waste mountain

Electronic waste

As a company or just as an individual, upgrading smartphones, computers, televisions and other electronics generates more e-waste (electronic waste). Even though the regulators, the industry and non-governmental organisations have put in the effort, the disposal of e-waste is still an issue worldwide.

If e-waste is disposed of improperly there can be serious consequences for the environment. And, any individuals exposed to the hazardous materials that are released, when trying to get precious metals out of the electronic devices, will be in need of medical attention. In spite of all of the laws and publicity regarding the disposal of e-waste, the improper handling and exporting continues to occur in the computer recycling industry. This is due to the fact that the illegal and unethical shipping of e-waste generally pays a lot more, compared to the legal, best practice method.

Finding a recycling service

When looking for the right electronics recycler, you should make sure that the company is certified, in order to be sure that the electronic devices aren’t ending up in a dumping ground. A certified vendor will track the downstream flow of the material, until the point at which it is used to make a new product. Asking a company who their downstream vendors are is good business practice. A certification also holds the processor to a set of strict worker health and safety standards.

Today, it is still very easy for a person or group of people to set up an e-waste recycling business, whilst not handling or processing the material in the correct or proper manner. The correct way of recycling electronic items is not a very cheap, or easy way of handling e-waste. If an electronics recycling company tells you that the process of recycling is free, or if they are reluctant or simply refuse to tell you the details of the process the waste goes through to dispose of it, it would be wise to ask a number of questions. This is due to the fact that there is a high likelihood, that they are not following the industry best practices and regulations as they should.

Develop a policy now

You should always make sure to avoid getting involved with, and using a vendor which ends up in the public eye for handling e-waste incorrectly. Even though companies using the proper recycling process may include a cost, it is important not to risk bad publicity or environmental non-compliance.

As time goes on and, as a matter of course, technology plays an ever growing role in all our lives, e-waste is only going to increase. The problem of how to dispose of the obsolete items will become a more importance concern for businesses. Establishing processes as to how it’s dealt with now will help to alleviate the problem in the future whilst also marking your business down as one that has an interest and commitment to environmental issues

RecycleIT4U offer a fast, efficient and friendly service to help recycle your unwanted electrical goods with a simple automated collection system.
To book a collection you can either use our online form or you can speak to us direct during our normal office hours. Our collection booking telephone number is 01952 580814.

We will collect redundant PCs, laptops, monitors, servers, network products, printers, EPOS, Scanners, UPS, cabling, AV equipment, projectors, telephones, mobiles and fax machines using our own vehicles at an agreed date and time.

An official WEEE disposal certificate will be issued, quoting serial number, asset tag and 
description of all the items collected.

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