Does your company recycle?

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– You would be surprised at how many don’t!

In June this year, a survey was carried out by a WEEE specialist to mark the ‘National Recycle week’ which took place during that month. We thought the findings interesting enough to re-visit, considering that the recycling of e-waste (or not, as the case may be) affects each one of us as well as the world in which we live. The findings may shock you.

The survey was carried out by means of a questionnaire to measure the awareness, opinions and attitudes of businesses on the disposal of electronic devices.

The survey showed that 56% of the businesses questioned did not have a policy in place for disposing of unwanted electronic devices. Alarmingly, a further 60% didn’t consider e-waste to be hazardous to the environment. However, quite possibly the most shocking statistic to come out of the survey, was that only 12% of those who took part said that they recycle their unwanted electronics!

Can these figures be put down to ignorance or arrogance? Is there enough information available for companies when it comes to the recycling of e-waste, or do the majority of those questioned simply not care?

It is certainly time for companies to sit up and take stock of this situation, not only because the disposing of e-waste responsibly is a legal requirement, but because electronic waste is the fastest growing segment of the waste stream, which will inevitably get worse as more and more technology floods the market. According to BCC Research, Britain produces 1.4 million tonnes of e-waste each year meaning that we now rank sixth in the world in terms of the total amount of e-waste created. It is predicted that this waste will increase by 8% a year as the use of technology increases. It is therefore imperative that people understand how to dispose of their e-waste correctly and responsibly.

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