Coca Cola’s advert campaign to promote recycling


Coca cola has launched a multimillion pound campaign with the aim to encourage more people to recycle their bottles and cans. This is the first time it has run a sustainability campaign in the UK.


Aedamar Howlett, marketing director for Coca-Cola Great Britain, says that the campaign “reminds people our packaging is valuable, as it can be recycled into more packaging over and over again. All of our packaging is 100% recyclable and has been for some time now. The multi-million pound campaign shows how serious we are about encouraging more people to recycle, so we that we reach our aim of getting all of our bottles back.”


Not only does the advert aim to encourage people to recycle their used bottles and cans it also reminds them that the bottles can be reused. The entire set and its props for the advert are made out of recyclable material. The campaign is Coca-Cola’s biggest ever consumer communications campaign on recycling and is part of the company’s new sustainable packaging strategy.

Coca-Cola isn’t the only brand to promote recycling through their ad campaigns, other companies such as Tesco are also including recycling in their campaigns.


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