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The war on plastics

Sir David Attenborough’s “Blue Planet” television series and Wildlife Biologists Liz Bonnin’s “Drowning in Plastic” documentary highlight the dramatic

The growth of assistive technology (AT)

Assistive technology (AT) is a term attached to any item or device that helps someone to do something that

How social media can cost you your job

Social media misconduct comes in many guises; from employees expressing views that reflect negatively on the organisation for which

The rise of the mobile job search

It is estimated that around 70% of job seekers use a mobile device when considering their next career move,

The rise of the Drone

The word “drone” was first used to describe an aircraft which was unmanned and programmed with a flight plan,

Recycle obsolete technology after Christmas

No doubt Father Christmas is loading the sleigh as we speak, with a large proportion of his goods being

Where next for technology?

Our insatiable demand for technology goes on and on. But, it’s not just a consumer thing, businesses realise that

Understanding Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a real buzz word when it comes to business policies. But what exactly is

The rise of 3D printing

If you haven’t heard something about the impending world domination of 3D printing, you must have been off visiting

Online safety on Black Friday

You might think that Black Friday is a relatively new initiative. In fact, Black Friday has existed in various

Electronics are here to stay!

There is a trend in advancement of new electronics, but more so the integration of electronics into things that

Rules for recycling electronics

A number of people assume that choosing a vendor, and building a process for electronics and computer recycling is

Recycled computers aiding students

Computers, laptops and even tablets can all be used to help teach the curriculum in a school. They help

Halloween pumpkin recycling tips

So you’ve had some Halloween fun carving your pumpkin and marvelled at the effect with the lights turned off.

Key points about mobile data erasure

For a lot of people, especially workers, tablets are replacing their computer, laptop or other devices as their primary

Dealing with the e-waste mountain

As a company or just as an individual, upgrading smartphones, computers, televisions and other electronics generates more e-waste (electronic

How many devices do employees use for work?

The prevalence of both public and private Wi-Fi, whether it is secure or not, allows people to work from

What are the issues with battery recycling?

When people think of recycling, what will generally spring to mind is throwing paper, plastic, and glass into multi-coloured

Our Autumn Recycling Almanac

With Autumnal mornings and nights slowly drawing in, it’s a clear sign that the seasons are changing. But, from

What makes the best student laptop?

To the average student, the computer is an essential tool. However it isn’t easy to fit a tower, monitor,

A brief history of recycling – part 2

We recycle for a variety of reasons. We understand that recycling helps conserve limited resources. Recycling also saves energy,

A brief history of recycling – part 1

The idea of recycling as we know it now, may be a relatively recent innovation. Certainly in recent years

What does zero waste actually mean?

Zero waste is a term used frequently when talking about recycling. But what does zero waste actually mean and