Adidas create recyclable running trainers


Adidas have revealed the Futurecraft Loop trainer which is its first running trainer that is entirely recyclable. The trainer is made from just one material, that being a form of thermoplastic polyurethane which is assembled together using glue. Once the shoe has been worn out the aim is for it to be recycled so that […]

10 of the best recycling bins…


We all have a responsibility to recycle, here are some bins available which can make this job easier.   Kitchen Master 40 litre recycle bin, The Range This is a sturdy and well made bin that looks like it would last. Two steel pedals open the top flaps which are also made from steel making […]

‘Biodegradable’ plastic bags still usable after 3 years

plastic bags

Five plastic bag materials from UK shops were tested to see what happened if they were left out in the environment. All of the plastic bags disintegrated into fragments when out in the open air after 9 months however some of the ‘biodegradable’ plastic bags were still intact and able to carry shopping after more than […]

6 beauty brands doing their bit to cut plastic waste.

beauty products

Many skin care and beauty brands produce a lot of packaging, most of which currently cannot be recycled. However here are 6 beauty brands who are trying to cut the amount of plastic waste from their products. Garnier: Garnier have teamed up with the recycling company TerraCycle with a programme that allows any packaging from […]

The zero waste challenge

recycling symbol

Fifty families in Bristol have been set the challenge to see if they can go waste-free for a year and not use their black bins. The challenge was set by Bristol Waste and requires the families to record the weight of their waste and recycling online. They have also been given a composter or wormery […]

Walkers crisp packet recycling scheme

crisp packet1

Walkers crisp company have revealed that they have recycled half a million empty crisp packets in the past 3 months. The company began the UK’s first crisp packet recycling scheme in December 2018 after a campaign by 38 Degrees called on manufacturers to ditch plastic packaging. The scheme enables people to deposit their empty packets […]

Government to ban use of fossil fuels in houses built after 2025


Chancellor Phillip Hammond has revealed that all homes build from 2025 will be heated without the use of fossil fuels. He said the government will introduce a Future Homes Standard to deliver low carbon alternatives to fossil fuels. There will also be a bid to help small business cut carbon emissions with the Business Energy […]

Government are urged not to limit bottle return scheme

bottles 1

The government are being urged not to limit plans to give people money back for recycling plastic and glass bottles and cans to drinks under 750ml. The limit of 750ml would be targeting drinks on the go rather than the bulkier containers of those used at home bought from supermarkets or other similar places. Environmental […]

Tokyo 2020 Olympic medals to be made from e-waste

olympic medals

It’s believed that all the medals at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics will be made from recycled e-waste. This would include the use of recycled smartphones, digital cameras, handheld games and laptops. The organisers of the event think they will have collected enough devices by the end of March to extract the amount of […]

The worlds helium could run out within a decade


The worlds helium could run out within a decade unless more of the gas is recycled. Helium cannot be chemically manufactured so we rely on the supply coming from the slow radioactive alpha decay that occurs in rocks and if it continues to be used at current rates it is predicted that supply will run […]

Businesses may have to pay to recycle own waste


A new government strategy means that businesses in England may have to pay for recycling or disposing of their packaging waste. Currently tax payers cover this cost with supermarkets and big organisation only contributing 10 per cent. These new plans from the government state that those responsible for the waste will have to pay for […]

Recycling your Christmas tree…

Pine trees

Its estimated that 100,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas is produced when old Christmas trees are sent to landfill, however pine needles can now be turned into industrial materials. The UK  uses up to 8 million Christmas trees each year with around 7 million ending up in landfill. These trees have hundreds and thousands of pine […]

Bubble blowing bins as a recycling incentive

recycling symbol 1

Leeds are offering new incentives to encourage people to recycle including bins that blow bubbles and machines that offer rewards. The project, #LeedsByExample is claiming to be the UK’s biggest push to encourage people to recycle outside of the home, not only encouraging people to recycle more but also making them more aware of where their nearest […]

Walkers new recycling plan…

crisp packet1

Walkers have started a new recycling scheme in order to stop millions of empty crisp packets ending up in landfill after pressure from consumers. The company currently produces more than 7000 non-recyclable crisp packets every minute. However, from December there will be collection points for consumers to deposit any brand of crisp packet, or they […]

Recycled plastic could supply over half the UKs demand


It’s believed that recycled plastic could supply nearly three quarters of the demand needed by the UK for products and packaging. Steps such as bringing in mandatory targets for recycled content in products, short-term subsidies and funding to stabilise prices could help develop a system that sees waste plastic collected and reused in the UK. Currently in […]

Pressure for Walkers to make their packets recyclable

crisp packet

Walkers have come under pressure to make their crisp packets recyclable. 7,000 non-recyclable crisp packets are produced by the company every minute. Walkers have pledged to make its crisp packets 100% recyclable, compostable or biodegradable by 2025. They will however have produced an additional 28 billion plastic packets by this time. Crisps are a popular […]

Labour MP raises awareness of importance of electrical recycling

WEEE recycling

Barry Sheerman, the Labour MP for Huddersfield has visited a local recycling center in his constituency, Huddersfield. Mr Sheerman commented on how vital he thinks electrical recycling is. “We will only make real strides forward in reusing waste when we give it value. There is more gold in a tonne of electrical waste than a tonne […]

Should the government provide incentives for recycling?

recycling bin

Should the government be providing incentives to encourage people to recycle? Mark Maslin, a leading geologist and professor of climatology believes that incentives to protect the environment should be offered. He believes that a system that awards individuals points for recycling which could then be exchanged for rewards could help to increase recycling rates and reduce […]

McDonalds to switch to paper straws

plastic straws

McDonald’s, the famous fast-food chain have said that their use of plastic straws in Britain will go by 2019 after nearly half a million customers called on the company to remove them. The company use around 1.8 million straws a day in the UK, the switch will affect 1,361 outlets in the UK but not however the […]

Tesco to remove some best before dates to reduce food waste

Food waste

Tesco have revealed that they have plans to remove the best before dates from nearly 70 fruit and vegetable items including apples, potatoes, tomatoes, lemons and onions in a bid to reduce food waste. They have made their decision based on research by the National Federation of Women’s Institutes, which found that less than half of […]

‘Infinitely’ recyclable plastic


Although plastics feature in all our daily lives and are incredibly useful, their impact on the environment has become increasingly worrying. A new type of plastic has been invented by chemists at Colorado State University, which they say can be recycled “infinitely”. The material has many of the same characteristics as the plastic we know […]

10 ways to become a better recycler

recycling dos and donts

Here are some ways to help you become better at recycling. 1. If its plastic and bottle-shaped, recycle it In the UK, on average 16 million plastic bottles a day are not recycled. The best way is to empty the bottles, crush them and then replace the lid before recycling.   2. Don’t forget about […]

The Japanese town that has nearly zero waste

Recycling bins Japan

Here in the UK our recycling consists of separating paper from plastics, glass from metals and in some places food waste however this is nothing compared to the residents of Kamikatsu in Japan. In 2003 they embarked on a zero-waste program. The city used to incinerate their rubbish but then realised how bad this was […]

Could plastics made from plants be the answer

recycle earth 2

Plastics are used as a material through out our daily lives and can be extremely useful. However governments across the world are starting to think about how to overcome the significant problem plastics are causing to our oceans.   A huge part of the problem is that single use plastics make up 40% of the […]