Are you addicted to technology?

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We increasingly are relying on various forms of technology such as smartphones and tablets to help us make everyday life a little easier. From the use of maps to social media, shopping to online banking. It’s believed that one in five of us suffer ‘separation anxiety’ when apart from our mobiles or tablets.


A new survey of 2000 British adults from the London based juice company Innocent revealed that the average adult spends the equivalent of 20 weeks a year in front of a technology device. At least 30% of those asked admitted to checking their phones at least every 30 minutes through out the day. One in four Brits said the felt bored after only an hour without their phones with 23% saying the separation from their devices made them feel anxious.


The survey also looked at what people’s most irritating technology habits were. 35% of people said their biggest annoyance was someone checking their phone whilst at the dinner table. 28% said it was someone checking their phone in the middle of a conversation whilst the use of technology devices in the Cinema came in third with 22% of people admitting it annoyed them most.


4 out of 5 Brits said they find it difficult to take a break from their phones or pc’s at least once a day. More than 17% of people were away from their screens for an hour or less. ‘Its amazing to see how much time we spend connected either online or on our phones’ said Jamie Sterry from Innocent, ‘and while we don’t think technology is a bad thing by any means, it is important that we don’t forget to unplug every so often and make sure we take a break from being constantly connected to technology.’ Innocent is encouraging people to go offline for the weekend of 28th May.


Last year a study by found the average Briton spent the equivalent of 2 working days a week on their mobile phone. With a quarter of people checking their mobiles 50 times a day. A fifth of Britons even use their phones whilst on the toilet. 29% check their phones last thing at night, 18% check as soon as they wake and 14% during the night. The survey also found that younger users are most attached to their devices with 46% of 18-24 year olds checking phones at least once every 15 minutes. However one in ten older users check just as often.


Parents are constantly told to restrict the amount of time their children spend using phones and tablets. However their own habits could be equally as damaging. Researchers from Boston Medical Centre studied parents whilst eating at a fast food restaurant with their children. One in three parents used their phones almost continuously during the meal. The survey found that a lack of eye contact and integration between parent and child can reduce their bond, also when parents spend a long time on their phones children tend to play up in order to seek attention.


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