6 gadgets that allow waste free living

waste free

Living a waste free life for most of us would be seen as fairly impossible. Unfortunately we are known as a society for being wasteful from plastic packaging to e-waste. However a group of designers have come up with new ideas to cut waste and here are of those …


1. Use me/Lose me This service would monitor your appliances via web-connected chips and if any thing is unused for too long you receive a text with its likely market value. By replying to the text you then agree to place the product on an auction website and manage its sale.


2. Bottles without lids Marilu Valente set out to design a bottle without the problem of the small, hard to recycle parts. Instead of a cap she came up with a bottle with a flexible, slender spout which plugs into a cavity on the side, sealing the bottle when not in use.


3. DIY plastics recycling Designer Dave Hakken proposes that soon we could all be turning plastic packaging into new products via home or community based plastic recycling .


4. Table top composting Company Bionicraft want to encourage people who live in small properties to put food waste somewhere more useful than the bin. Its indoor eco-system uses earthworms to turn food waste into soil.


5. Fruit-protecting plasma California-based company Apeel Science is working on a invisible, tasteless and edible substance made from waste farm products such as banana peel and broccoli stalks, which it says can roughly double the life of mangos, avocados and citrus fruit by providing a protective layer.


6. Single use shampoo pods 14 year old Benjamin Stern decided to try and remove unnecessary plastics from the bathroom after seeing a turtle snarled in plastic waste. He is currently developing a package free, single use shampoo portion for travellers and hotels. His latest version is a shampoo pod, encased in a film made from water-soluble polymer.


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