6 beauty brands doing their bit to cut plastic waste.

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Many skin care and beauty brands produce a lot of packaging, most of which currently cannot be recycled. However here are 6 beauty brands who are trying to cut the amount of plastic waste from their products.


Garnier have teamed up with the recycling company TerraCycle with a programme that allows any packaging from their beauty products that can’t be recycled by the council to be dropped off at one of their 2,000 recycling points across the country.

REN Clean Skincare:

REN Clean Skincare have said that they aim to be producing zero waste by 2021. They plan to do this by using recycled and recyclable plastics and refillable solutions for all of their products.


L’Occitane are already selling eco-refill pouches containing their soaps, shower gels and shampoos. These help their repeat customers to reduce the amount of plastic waste they create.


Lush have gone one better than using recyclable plastic packaging and have aimed to get rid of packaging altogether. They already have 3 packaging free stores and there are plans for another.

We Are Paradoxx:

We Are Paradoxx have begun packaging their products in aluminium bottles in a bid to reduce plastic packaging. They also donate 1% of their total sales each year to an environmental organisation.


Aveda package more than 85% of their products in packaging that is made of 100% post consumer recycled material.

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