The worlds helium could run out within a decade


The worlds helium could run out within a decade unless more of the gas is recycled. Helium cannot be chemically manufactured so we rely on the supply coming from the slow radioactive alpha decay that occurs in rocks and if it continues to be used at current rates it is predicted that supply will run […]

Businesses may have to pay to recycle own waste


A new government strategy means that businesses in England may have to pay for recycling or disposing of their packaging waste. Currently tax payers cover this cost with supermarkets and big organisation only contributing 10 per cent. These new plans from the government state that those responsible for the waste will have to pay for […]

Recycling your Christmas tree…

Pine trees

Its estimated that 100,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas is produced when old Christmas trees are sent to landfill, however pine needles can now be turned into industrial materials. The UK  uses up to 8 million Christmas trees each year with around 7 million ending up in landfill. These trees have hundreds and thousands of pine […]