Could billions of plastic sachets be prevented from entering the ocean?

plastic in ocean

The Company Unilever are developing a technology that could prevent billions of plastic sachets from entering our oceans. This will be done through a system called CreaSolv Process, the plastic from the sachets will be recovered and then used to make new ones. Unilever are a huge goods company who are behind brands such as […]

Eco-living shouldn’t cost a fortune

eco living

Eco-living is a lifestyle that should be available to all rather than the small few who can afford it. Whilst it’s encouraging to see products that are better for the environment and that reduce the amount of plastic waste we create, some of these products also give out a somewhat depressing message about sustainability – […]

6 gadgets that allow waste free living

waste free

Living a waste free life for most of us would be seen as fairly impossible. Unfortunately we are known as a society for being wasteful from plastic packaging to e-waste. However a group of designers have come up with new ideas to cut waste and here are of those …   1. Use me/Lose me […]