How can we recycle more plastic packaging ?

plastic packaging

We currently recycle just 14% of the plastic packaging that we use, 8 million tons of plastic ends up in the oceans each year where sea life and birds die from ingesting it or getting entangled.   The Ellen MacArthur Foundation believes that recycling the remaining 86% of used plastic could create $80-$120billion in revenues. […]

20 best ever selling mobile phones

mobile phone

A list of the top 20 best selling mobile phones: 20. Last on the list is the Samsung Galaxy S III, it was released in 2012 and is largely believed to be the first smartphone to kick off Samsung’s domination on the market. 19. The Motorola StarTAC was released in 1996 and is believed to be […]

Sweden has run out of rubbish to recycle

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Sweden’s recycling is so revolutionary that they have actually run out of rubbish to recycle. For several years the country has had to import rubbish from other countries in order to keep its recycling plants going with less that 1 per cent of Swedish household waste being sent to landfills since 2011.   This is […]

Could there now be a plastic bottle tax?

plastic bottles

The government are now considering introducing a plastic bottle tax in order to try and tackle the quantity of waste taking up space in landfill sites and polluting the sea.   People who buy liquids in plastic containers would have to pay an extra 10p or 20p, which would be refundable upon returning the bottle. […]