How long does it take for litter to decompose?

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Anti litter campaigners in the Forest Dean have realised that litter can stick around a lot longer than just a few weeks. During a clean up along the A48 they found crisp packets that were approximately 33 years old. This means they were thrown out of a car window roughly 1,716 weeks before, however the […]

Are you addicted to technology?

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We increasingly are relying on various forms of technology such as smartphones and tablets to help us make everyday life a little easier. From the use of maps to social media, shopping to online banking. It’s believed that one in five of us suffer ‘separation anxiety’ when apart from our mobiles or tablets.   A […]

Could virtual reality soon be a part of children’s bedtimes?

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Last month we looked at how virtual reality could transform children’s play. Now Samsung believe virtual reality could be ‘the future of children’s bedtime’.   Samsung have created an app called Bedtime Virtual Reality Stories, which ‘combines the latest innovations in virtual reality with the power and importance of traditional story telling’.   Samsung aren’t […]