New developments in the creation of a bendable smartphone.


Many companies have experimented with the idea of bendable or foldable smartphones for a number of years. However due to an inflexible battery component it means that even curved screens are stuck within a hard shell case.   Academics at Queens University in Canada have designed a prototype smartphone called ReFlex. Believed to be the […]

Epson create office machine that recycles waste paper into new paper

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Epson have developed a new office machine that can recycle waste paper into new paper, believed to be a world first. Paperlab shreds and securely destroys waste paper and recycles it into new paper using a dry process in as little as 3 minutes.   Currently, in order to dispose of confidential documents, most companies […]

How safe are our online passwords?

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The majority of us will use a password online every single day. Whether it is for logging into emails, online banking, using social media or doing some online shopping. But just how safe are the passwords that we use.   Lots of people still use basic passwords for many of their online accounts including ones […]