The growth of assistive technology (AT)

Assistive tech

Assistive technology (AT) is a term attached to any item or device that helps someone to do something that otherwise they would be unable to do. It might make the task easier or make it safer for someone to attempt something. For people living with dementia or for those caring for them, assistive technology helps […]

How social media can cost you your job

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Social media misconduct comes in many guises; from employees expressing views that reflect negatively on the organisation for which they work, right through to disparaging comments posted on public websites about colleagues, employers and even customers. What employees don’t always appear to understand however, is that these negative comments can reach far wider than their […]

The rise of the mobile job search

Mobile phone

It is estimated that around 70% of job seekers use a mobile device when considering their next career move, with a large number of all keyword searches from mobile devices containing the word “job”. Developing strategies Understanding mobile recruitment is important when developing a mobile recruitment strategy, and it is also important to understand where […]

How technology is benefitting care environments

Social Care technology

Advancements in technology are impacting on all manner of industries and sectors, with healthcare and social care being no different. There will always need to be a human side to care, but if technology can help to drive efficiencies and streamline processes then it has to be good for both patients and practitioners alike. If […]