The rise of the Drone

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The word “drone” was first used to describe an aircraft which was unmanned and programmed with a flight plan, this aircraft would fly either in circles or a straight line, until the engine began to run low on fuel which is when it would land. “Drone” has been commonly used in recent years, with the […]

Recycle obsolete technology after Christmas

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No doubt Father Christmas is loading the sleigh as we speak, with a large proportion of his goods being new technology, high on the list of many children the world over. At the time of writing, online retail giant Amazon are also busy arranging shipping of electrical goods across the globe. In recent years the […]

Where next for technology?


Our insatiable demand for technology goes on and on. But, it’s not just a consumer thing, businesses realise that in order to remain at the forefront of their industry, embracing developing technology is essential. Home and industry Once upon a time, simply owning a computer was a big thing. Now, that’s only the tip of […]

Understanding Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a real buzz word when it comes to business policies. But what exactly is CSR, and how will adopting it into your business benefit your company? What is corporate social responsibility? Corporate Social Responsibility is an ethical management concept where companies aim to integrate social, economic and environmental concerns along […]

The rise of 3D printing


If you haven’t heard something about the impending world domination of 3D printing, you must have been off visiting another planet. The process was actually first invented in the 1980s but over the last few years it has risen in importance and usage. Indeed, it’s estimated that by 2016 over 50% of all completed products […]