Online safety on Black Friday

online shopping

You might think that Black Friday is a relatively new initiative. In fact, Black Friday has existed in various forms for centuries, always falling though on the first Friday following Thanksgiving in the US. Our current understanding of the term, and that of its newer sibling Cyber Monday, is of an online shopping phenomenon designed […]

Electronics are here to stay!

computer inside

There is a trend in advancement of new electronics, but more so the integration of electronics into things that didn’t have them before. There are a variety of wearable devices among the state of the art tablets, computers and laptops. Featured technology of recent months has included drones, more drones, and also other items such […]

Rules for recycling electronics

Recycling electronics

A number of people assume that choosing a vendor, and building a process for electronics and computer recycling is complex. But it doesn’t strictly need to be. By doing it correctly however, you won’t risk breaking the law and being fined. To make sure you do it correctly, all you have to do is follow […]

Recycled computers aiding students

Recycling computers

Computers, laptops and even tablets can all be used to help teach the curriculum in a school. They help students improve their general computer and software skills, which will be indispensable to them after they graduate. Computers are also particularly important in generating interest in the STEM subjects; Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths. They work […]