Halloween pumpkin recycling tips

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So you’ve had some Halloween fun carving your pumpkin and marvelled at the effect with the lights turned off. But, it isn’t long before you’re left with a saggy, smelly old jack-o-lantern. So, what next? Pumpkins that are simply thrown into landfill can take a long time to decompose due to a lack of sufficient […]

Key points about mobile data erasure


For a lot of people, especially workers, tablets are replacing their computer, laptop or other devices as their primary mobile work device. Data Security Managers and IT Asset Managers, focus on keeping an eye on all of these devices whilst in use whilst making sure that they can store and access data, and corporate applications […]

Dealing with the e-waste mountain

Electronic waste

As a company or just as an individual, upgrading smartphones, computers, televisions and other electronics generates more e-waste (electronic waste). Even though the regulators, the industry and non-governmental organisations have put in the effort, the disposal of e-waste is still an issue worldwide. If e-waste is disposed of improperly there can be serious consequences for […]

How many devices do employees use for work?

Multiple devices

The prevalence of both public and private Wi-Fi, whether it is secure or not, allows people to work from anywhere at any time they wish on a number of different devices. This can easily be observed by simply walking into the nearest Costa or Starbucks coffee shop, then looking around that the amount of people […]

What are the issues with battery recycling?

Battery recycling

When people think of recycling, what will generally spring to mind is throwing paper, plastic, and glass into multi-coloured bins. There are still many waste products which could easily be recycled, and really should be, being taken straight to landfill sites. Most people don’t even consider recycling something such as a battery; no thought goes […]