A brief history of recycling – part 2

History Recycling part 2

We recycle for a variety of reasons. We understand that recycling helps conserve limited resources. Recycling also saves energy, creates jobs, and helps build a strong economy. And it reduces problems associated with litter and trash. In the concluding, second installment of our two part blog about the history of recycling, we focus on the […]

A brief history of recycling – part 1

History Recycling Part 1

The idea of recycling as we know it now, may be a relatively recent innovation. Certainly in recent years peoples awareness of recycling has risen beyond recognition. But, recycling itself is nothing new and people and nature have been doing it for thousands of years. In fact, recycling is as old as the world itself. […]

What does zero waste actually mean?

Zero waste

Zero waste is a term used frequently when talking about recycling. But what does zero waste actually mean and is it achievable? Zero waste might not necessarily mean zero waste – Achieving zero waste is a certainly something to aim for but whether it can truly be achieved is questionable. However, setting a target to […]

Don’t put confidential information at risk

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Your working life is always busy. How often have you looked at the clock and realised it’s nearly time to head for home but you haven’t achieved any of what you intended when the day began? We endlessly search for ways to save time and be more efficient. However, quite often what seems like a […]