Crazy recycling!

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As our commitment to recycling has grown in recent years, so has its importance. Recycling now is big business with a wide range of elements making up the industry. Some of the developments in recycling are innovative and brilliant, some have been happening for years without us probably realising and some are just plain crazy. […]

Eco-friendly camping and school holiday outings

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With school holidays well and truly upon us, how long will it be before the kids are bored? Thoughts turn to potential activities and days out to relieve the boredom and get out of the house. Camping trips are a great way to connect with nature and have a good time to boot! However, it’s […]

Can Lean management principles work in recycling?

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Lean management has become something of a buzz term in recent years. The concept seemingly grew out of the lean manufacturing principles developed by the likes of Toyota and championed across the world. It exists as a way of applying waste saving principles to areas of business beyond manufacturing. Although the idea of applying waste […]

Composting is recycling!

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When you think of recycling maybe the first thing that comes to mind is that little line of coloured bins that you use to separate your different types of waste? We know that there are many products made of recycled content. But, what about food scraps and other waste? Can you recycle those? The answer […]

How do you maintain personal privacy online?

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Once personal information hits the public domain it’s nigh on impossible to discard it, even if it is removed from search engines. As individuals we must take responsibility for protecting our personal data. Below are a few tips on how to best protect your online privacy. Don’t inadvertently reveal personal information – If you web […]