Is wiping a hard drive enough to protect your data?

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So, you’ve completely wiped your hard drive and now you’ve securely disposed of that data right? Not necessarily! Unless you have the correct equipment and software to complete the job professionally, the only other way to ensure your hard drive data is secure is physical destruction. Many businesses still pay no regard to data stored […]

Ways that employees increase the risk of a data security breach

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We hear lots in the news about hackers and professional data thieves responsible for security breaches. The truth is that employee mistakes actually remain the biggest threat to business security. Although most work places will have policies in place designed to alleviate possible data breaches, the biggest challenge is having a system to check that […]

Reasons why cyber threats are on the increase

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Cyber-attacks it seems, are here to stay. No-one is completely safe, with millions of occurrences reported each year, making dodging the bullet increasing difficult. With experts forecasting that attempted information breaches will spike through 2015, why are they on the increase? Cyber criminals are becoming more skilled – Understanding that larger organisations generally have better […]

The benefits of a choose your own device policy at work

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As technology has advanced and each of us has developed a preference for one kind of device or other, businesses can find themselves with their data strewn across various formats and networks. Although allowing workers to use their own devices means that there’s no outlay to the business, it does mean that in terms of security […]