Reasons to implement a clean desk policy

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A tidy desk equates to a tidy mind, or is it simply better to just embrace the chaos and get on with it anyway? Different personalities will no doubt argue each side depending on their own preference but there are good reasons to implement a clean desk policy. A clean desk policy is where employees […]

The art of pre-cycling

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We’re all well aware of the benefits of recycling and the needs of the planet to cut our waste. As with anything prevention is much better than cure, so what about the idea of pre-cycling rather than re-cycling? The idea of pre-cycling works in answer to the question of how we can reduce what we […]

Carbon neutral. What is it and should you do it?

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The idea of going carbon neutral has been around for a while now. Since the term first became part of everyday language we were told it was something to aspire to or work towards. But, can anything that is deemed as being neutral really be good and, what does it all mean anyway? Hand in […]

Going green at home – Part Two

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In the second part of our blog on going green at home we offer some more tips on how you can make a real difference by takings some easy steps at home to help the environment. There’s nothing here that’s earth shatteringly new, but it might just help preserve it for future generations. Second hand, […]

Going green at home – Part One

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There have been many wide reaching changes over recent years that have pushed the idea of recycling into our consciousness. The whole ethos has actually become big business with large industrial plants being developed and huge levels of export becoming commonplace. But, it’s sometimes the little things that really make the difference and at the […]