How long does it take the Earth to regenerate?

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Some experts predict that if population and consumption trends continue at the same rate as they are currently, we will soon need the equivalent of two earths to support us. It already takes the equivalent of 1.5 planets to provide the resources we require, meaning that with the absorption of waste to be taken into […]

Does recycling really make a difference?

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What happens after you’ve divided all your waste products into different types? Where does it all end up and exactly what difference does it really make? As recently as 1995 the UK was recycling just 7.5% of its household waste. That figure is now approaching 50%, and on course to hit that figure before for […]

Strange things that can and should be recycled

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So, with all the things you already recycle, there are still other items that end up in the waste that can be recycled. Indeed, much of what you throw away isn’t trash at all but can have an extended life in some other shape or form. Here are a few things that can be recycled that […]

Recycling the most basic element can produce surprising results

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Just recently reports have put forward suggestions for the use of various products to be converted in to fuel to power a vehicle. Hot on the heels of one such development where whisky bi-products were being used comes one which pushes the claims of panda poo to power your car. For high carbon emissions certain […]