Practice the three R’s…and maybe a fourth

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Before you throw something away, ask yourself if there’s an opportunity to reuse or recycle. Picking the green choice will help lower the amount of material going into landfills. The three R’s, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle provide a blueprint to help make your life greener, along with a fourth – Repair. Reduce – Less to […]

Weird things people recycle

Recycling has certainly been one of the watch words of the 21st century and something that has affected most of us on a daily basis with so much impetus placed on being green and environmentally aware. However, for many the urge to recycle, well just about anything, is too much to ignore. This blog explores […]

How to get kids to recycle

We all know that recycling helps the environment, whether it be by cutting the amount of greenhouse gas emissions or helping to create jobs. The impetus that has been gained in recent years as the importance of recycling has been planted into our consciousness needs to be maintained by the generations going forward. One way […]

One person’s trash….

It’s a famous old saying, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. But if you’ve got the trash how do you go about finding the person who will regard it as treasure? Many areas now have freegle services or you could just post on social media if you have something that you think might mean […]

More recycling on the go options could help to hit EU targets

recycling on the go

How many different coloured bins for recycling do you have at home? In recent years we’ve all become more adept at separating our trash depending on its type but, what about when we’re on the move? A recent poll suggests that while 93% of us recycle at home only 25% of us do so when […]