What is cyber bullying?

cyber bullying

As technology advances and the benefits of using it envelopes our lives more and more, so it follows that there will be those who will look to use it for other reasons. Cyber bullying is a particularly cruel and threatening form of intimidating someone. Most prevalent amongst, but not unique to, teenagers cyber bullying allows […]

Getting down with the kids – Learning a new language

The development of new languages, or at least the modification of them, is not a new phenomenon. Comedian Stanley Unwin developed ‘Unwinese’ (or Basic Engly Twenty Fido as it was otherwise known) throughout the 1950s and 60s, based most likely on the Lewis Carroll poem Jabberwocky from 1871. Indeed John Lennon wrote two books during […]

The race for the latest technology

Latest Technology

It’s almost inconceivable to try and chart the increase in sales of technological equipment over the last decade. As advancements in technology have continued apace consumer demand for the latest gadgets has been insatiable. At the forefront of supplying the latest technology to consumers is online retail giant Amazon. Christmas 2014 was the 20th holiday […]