12 ways we can recycle water

recycle water

80% of the worlds water waste flows untreated into the environment, here are 12 ways we can help to recycle water…

1. Highlight success stories.

The main message should be that proper recycling of water can save money and generate income, it also is better for the environment. By highlighting success stories it would encourage more people to do it.


2. Tackle cultural stigma.

Waste water is often out of sight out of mind, there is a stigma attached to the recycling of water however there needn’t be as water can be safe for specific re-use.


3. Talk money.

Wastewater farmers make cost savings due to their reduced use of chemical fertilisers. The sale of reused water for industrial use can be a big incentive for utilities to invest in wastewater treatment.


4. Use good PR.

Communication is the key, by spreading the word it encourages further success stories.


5. Link to national priorities.

We need to change the way wastewater is viewed by politicians by speaking their language and making links to national priorities.


6. Highlight public health risks.

More information is needed about emerging contaminants and how these problems can be avoided.


7. Make investment viable

The risks for financiers need to be managed, investors and development banks are looking for government or industry partners that are creditworthy and are able to carry the projects all the way.


8. Partner up

There can be great visibility for wastewater by linking up with regional NGO partners.


9. Be politically active.

Political activism and applying pressure on local governments can work wonders and can lead to cities adopting more progressive policies.


10. Get the media on side.

The main challenge is to communicate the benefits derived from treating and reusing water to the media and get them to convey this message.


11. Work with religious leaders.

The Food and Agriculture Organisation work with local governments and religious leaders to build knowledge and raise awareness among communities.


12. Use technology well.

This can help to show how a cheap water-purifier solution can be marked across urban and rural low-income households.


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Read the full story at…https://www.theguardian.com/global-development-professionals-network/2017/mar/27/12-ways-to-turn-water-from-waste-to-resource