10 ways to become a better recycler

recycling dos and donts

Here are some ways to help you become better at recycling.

1. If its plastic and bottle-shaped, recycle it

In the UK, on average 16 million plastic bottles a day are not recycled. The best way is to empty the bottles, crush them and then replace the lid before recycling.


2. Don’t forget about the bathroom

If everyone in the UK recycled a toothpaste box enough energy would be saved to run a fridge in over 2000 homes for a year. Other bathroom items people forget to recycle are loo roll tubes, aerosols, shower gel bottles, soap, shampoo and conditioner bottles.


3. Given them a quick rinse

There’s no need for every bit of food to be washed off pots, tubes and trays but a quick rinse does help.


4. Leave the lids on

When recycling glass leave the lids on, glass reprocessors separate them and are often grateful for them.


5. Don’t put greasing pizza boxes in the recycling

Grease on cardboard cant be removed and it causes defects in new products made from the recycled cardboard.


6. Use the scrunch test

If you scrunch a piece of paper in your hand and it doesn’t spring back then it can be recycled.


7. Give it a squish

Give cans and plastic bottles a quick squish, it makes them more efficient to transport.


8. If you’re not sure then check

If you’re not sure that something can be recycled don’t just throw it away but check online first.


9.  Look at the label

The symbol you will see on labels will tell you if the item is likely to be collected for recycling.


10. Think about your recycling space

The biggest challenge to many people is a lack of space in their home to stay on top of recycling.


And never…

-Put dirty nappies in the recycling

-Put medical supplies in the recycling

-Mix textile recycling with other recycling, it can wrap itself around machinery and take hours to sort

-Put recycling in a black bin bag chances are it will be mistaken for rubbish



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