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Secure Data Destruction

RCIT has extensive experience in dealing with the destruction of digital data and have earned the trust of corporations, government agencies, accountants, solicitors and small businesses. We can custom design a program that best meets your data security needs and reporting requirements.

Our disposal systems include digital data destruction with a 100% guarantee that no data is recoverable.

On Site shredding

We have the facility to provide onsite hard drive shredding. This is a popular solution for organisations which have computer media containing highly confidential information and have concerns over data leakage. However, transporting expensive and bulky shredding machines to your business is very expensive and the cost per hard drive is high. It may also be impractical for a heavy goods vehicle to access your premises.

A cheaper alternative! Customer witnessed shredding

HSM Hard Drive ShredderRCIT offer a much cheaper alternative than on site shredding with the same secure result. We invite you to bring your PC, server and laptop hard drives containing your sensitive digital data to our processing facility and witness them being shredded.

This service is also offered for the destruction of magnetic tapes (DLT, Ultrium, LTOs), optical media (CDs/DVDs, Blu-ray), credit and identity cards, USB Sticks, Solid State, Phones and PDAs.
Items are shredded to the new European Security Standard DIN 66399



The ULTIMATE in media destruction

We are one of the few recycling companies to offer the ultimate in media destruction whereby media is smelted in a furnace reducing the storage devices to ash.

CESG approved Data Erasure

For customers who are happy for hard drives to be reused RCIT will completely wipe all data from hard drives using Tabernus CESG approved software. Tabernus has the following accreditations.

We always use CESG approved data wiping software. CESG is the Communications-Electronics Security Group based at GCHQ in Benhall, Cheltenham. CESG is the National Technical Authority employed by the UK Government to protect voice and data networks and to keep the Government’s IT systems safe.

We can ensure complete due diligence in computer recycling, our processes prevent identity theft and thoroughly hinder all known techniques of hard disk forensic analysis


ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

We are in the process of completing ISO 27001 which ensures we comply with the Secure Destruction of Confidential Materials as per BS EN 15713:2009 Code of practice.